SG 50 years

50 Years in operation for DST Seibu Giken customize  

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buy amoxil Seibu Giken DST is the worlds largest supplier of desiccant rotors for dehumidification with 850,000 in the field.  The development of the silica gel rotor in the 1980 allowed a range of commercial applications for the technology. Air and Aqua Tech and DST Dryer PL has been the Australian representative for DST Seibu Giken and we are happy to say they have just celebrated 50 years of operation.

In July of 1965, Mr Toshimi Kuma established “Kuma Laboratory” a provate R&D centre in Hakozaki, Fukuoka while still working at Kyushu faculty of Engineering in 1961. Since then then Seibu Giken has expanded to have offices in Sweden, China, Japan and partnerships worldwide.

His son Fumio Kuma now runs the company, with the head office in Fukuoka, Japan and still employs over 200 employees.

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