Industrial Applications

Moisture is something that is everywhere, usually moisture in the air is referred to as relative humidity (RH). Which means that the percentage of moisture in the air is measured in relation to what the maximum possible amount of moisture in the air is, at that temperature. If the air is too humid, it can, for example, reduce the efficiency of production and cause damage to the products.
Seibu Giken DST are experts in the field and provide dehumidifiers for all applications. DST dehumidifiers are characterized by high reliability, low power consumption and a service-friendly design. With our help, you will avoid problems that moisture can cause, such as:

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No ice fouling on products, floors and ceilings. Extend times between defrosting and the operating time in cold storage facilities.
No condensation droplets and subsequent problems with wet products, short circuits in the control devices, repainting and puddles on the floor
Moisture sensitive products do not stick together, and problems with clogged pneumatic transport and lump formation in silos are removed.

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Prevent and stop mould and fungus by keeping the surrounding air below 70%RH

Iron and steel does not rust if the air that contacts the surface has a relative humidity below 50%.
Extend the tools, machines and steel structures life by protecting untreated steel against corrosion without painting or greasing.

If the relative humidity is kept below approximately 50%RH bacteria will not multiply.