Seibu Giken DST appoint sales and service agents globally to ensure long term skill and employee retention. Experience counts in minimising service cost and downtime. Seibu Giken invented the silica gel desiccant rotor, and numerous energy initiatives, and are continuously focused on improvement.

Service support centers
-Archerfield Qld
-Harkaway Vic
-Blacktown NSW
-Auckland NZ

DST Dryer have significant service history in dehumidifiers, with over 30 years experience in desiccant dehumidifiers, working on both Munters and  Seibu Giken DST Dehumidifiers.

Our service team strives to get the best performance out of your dehumidifiers, and ensure overall system performance. This is achieved with quality processes and checks and following manufacturers schedules. Engineering check on all service reports, use of calibrated and appropriate instruments. Selection of subcontractors with appropriate skills and performance (ie gas, controls, refrigeration, electrical)


Service Support

Dave Dawson –

  • Licenced refrigeration technician – DSTDryer service commissioning technician, help desk –
  • 12 years Desiccant dehumidifier experience with 3 brands. 6 years Frigrite, 5 years Frost service manager, 6 years Munters Service manager, 6 years DHTech service and rental manager.
  • Guitarist and car enthusiast

Simon Hamer –

  • Licenced refrigeration technician – DSTDryer service commissioning technician, help desk –
  • 7 years Desiccant dehumidifier experience with DST Seibu Giken. Refrigeration and Chiller buildup and service at Aquacooler.
  • Electronics and Car enthusiast

Gordon Lacey –

  • BE (Mechanical) Engineering Support – Climate Design Engineer
  • 30 years desiccant system design experience since 1986 in Australasia, direct contact with Manufacturer chief engineering.  2 years Wildridge and Sinclair, 24 years Munters,  7 Years DST Desiccant Dehumidifiers .
  • Sailing and Rugby Enthusiast

Benefits of Seibu Giken DST Service

-Desiccant technology leader
-Japanese and Swedish quality
-Energy expertise
-Rotors for other brand upgrade
-Reduce ducting and plant size
-Performance checks
-A credible 2nd option

Service contracts and breakdown

Seibu Giken DST service agent in Australia  bring 25 years of system design experience with 5 years of field service experience on desiccants. Further service operatives in all capital cities are available with Wild Air Service who also have 200 accumulative years in Airconditioning service and small and medium projects.

Replacement rotors and washing

Seibu Giken (Western Japan Research) are leaders in rotor technology and analysis of rotors demonstrate superior performance per unit volume of rotor

Benefits of replacement with Seibu Giken SSCR Desiccant rotors are:-

  • Operating range with 40-140C reactivation
  • Appliance hot water / solar refits
  • Safe to operate between 40-90C
  • Retain 10% lost performance in 10 years
  • Retain performance of mistreated rotors.
  • Washable rotors
  • Special bacteria neutralizing rotor options
  • Replacement or new Dehumidifiers

With a world leading brand and 25 Years of local Desiccant systems design experience, we offer unique capability in system selection optimisation and energy analysis.

Partnerships cover all states with 24/7 response and specialist instruments for humidity specialised service in all capital cities, as well as replacement rotors for both Munters and DST units

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