About Us

DST parent Seibu Giken of Japan is the world’s leading suppliers of Desiccant rotors, and leader in technology development.  DST of Sweden manufacturers dehumidifiers and is represented in more than 40 countries. Since 1993, DST has been a company affiliate to Japanese company Seibu Giken Co. Ltd. (http://seibu-giken.co.jp), who since 1965 manufactures rotors and dryers, VOC rotors, heat wheels, etc. Pollution and the accompanying deterioration in air quality has become a challenge for increasingly sophisticated technologies for the production of the latest generation of products whose production process depends on maintaining high standards of quality and level of humidity.

To meet this challenge DST develops and produces newer and newer generations of dehumidifiers allowing the creation of technologies and products tailored to the needs twenty-first century.  Seibu Giken’s invention of Silica gel rotors was commercialized in 1984 which was revolutionary as prior desiccants couldn’t be procooled, and this has allowed for many commercial application to flourish.


DST Dryer P/L Australian representative staff have continuous desiccant systems engineering and design experience since 1986, and can support all known applications of the technology.  


Our mission is to support our customers in the use of increasingly sophisticated, often unique technological solutions, and enabling the emergence of even newer design and technical solutions in various industries of the 21st century.
Our basic market includes both supplying ready dehumidifiers, but also the maintenance of devices drying and delivery of spare parts .


In modern production systems, an appropriate level of dryness of the air has become an essential factor for their existence and development, hence the pharmaceutical industry and the broader food with emphasis on meat and dairy industry have become major buyers of our equipment.

Storage of a wide range of goods such as food and chemical in production and electronic equipment and military also require standards to maintain humidity levels. The use of dehumidifiers is currently limited not only to the production and storage systems but commercial applications.

We also offer services related to damage caused by flooding, flooding and damage associated with fire. For example, we can dry the whole building or just a bit flooded the floor or wall.The restaurant can be used simultaneously with the drying process without the need of evacuation equipment, demolishing walls and flooring removal.

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