Solar HVAC systems large and small


University of Queensland

DST and AAAT provided the largest Desiccant AHU in a sub tropical climate at UQ St Lucia Queensland, where solar heat provided regeneration for a desiccant rotor, and indirect cooling reduced the heat gain of this. Medland Metropolis created a design to fully condition a multistory building with 8,600l/s and with zero net omissions.



University of Central Queensland

In CQU Rockhampton solar desiccant research office is conditioned with a smaller 400l/s heat driven desiccant unit also with indirect evaporative cooling



Country house

Humidity in coastal country

areas on NSW can be uncomfortable.

James Corvett purchased a desiccant rotor cassette to build a solar hot water driven desiccant cooling unit and also used dam water for tempering the heat.  Airflow of 2000 cubic meters per hour were cooled to get a supply temperature of 16C as well as removing excessive humidity.

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