Corrosion and Prevention Conference 2017

internet orlistat purchase DST Dryer Pty Ltd exhibited at the Corrosion and Prevention Conference 2017 at the Sydney International Convention Centre on booth 61.  We have written a technical paper for presentation on ‘Surface preparation applied to shipyards using Desiccant Dryers. Design and energy considerations’ which is also available by request. Here we analyse the methods of dry air dehumidification that is applied to corrosion prevention of ships, and investigate the energy and cost savings of using dry air as opposed to traditional corrosion prevention methods.

DST products have been used for corrosion prevention in Australia in various applications including:-

Noakes Shipyard, ADF weapons test on RBU 70 rocket launcher, C17 globemaster, ASLAV vehicles, Tiger helicopters, Grit blasting contractors including Dry air services, Ice rinks.


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